Dinnie Family Tree

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Gordon with the Dinnie Stones
at Potarch, Aberdeenshire

My name is Gordon Dinnie, I was born in Cambuslang, Glasgow, Scotland in 1939 and first became interested in my family tree in 1963 when a newspaper article on Donald Dinnie appeared in the Sunday Post. It proclaimed Donald Dinnie as Scotland's Greatest Athlete and briefly outlined his career.

This aroused my interest, recalling that, as a young boy, the old men of the district would call me Donal', and would ask me if I was any relation to Donald Dinnie.

This brief introduction led me to extensive research of the Dinnie name, and later to documenting the life of Donald Dinnie, perhaps the most famous of all my relatives.

The earlist reference in my Family Tree was recorded in 1618.

There are 9 branches of the Family Tree listed below where presently no relationship has been established but my research continues.

I have included a User Guide for those not familiar with the family tree format, this will assist in finding your way around the report.

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