Photo Album

A selection of photographs of Donald Dinnie

Scottish National Portrait Gallery - Edinburgh Cigarette Card circa 1901 Donald Dinnie circa 1870 Donald Dinnie circa 1901
Donald Dinnie in South Africa circa 1898 Medal awarded to Donald - Dublin 1864 Donald Dinnie with medals circa 1872 New York Police Gazzette 1882
Scots Magazine Cover 1937 Earliest photo of Donald circa 1855 Medal awarded to Donald in Sacramento 1882 Donald & James Fleming circa 1872
Photo by W.Johntson, 42 James Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1882 Photo by John Wood, 208 Bowery, New York 1882 Photo by A. Dinnie, 3 Langstane Place, Aberdeen - Circa 1870 New Hampshire Highland Games 2004 - Donald Dinnie the 1st member of their new Hall of Fame
Donald in wrestling kit circa 1870 A Scottish soft drink introduced in 1901 by A.G.Barr and referred to as 'Scotland's Other National Drink' engaged
Donald Dinnie to endorse the product in 1903 Donald aged 69
Collection of medals awarded to 	
Donald Dinnie between 1860 - 1896 Donald's signature Scottish Wresting Championship Medal - Dundee 1867